Who am I?  In a philosophy class I took my freshman year of college, this was without a doubt the hardest assignment I had to complete.  Who am I?  There are literally thousands of little things, that I could tell you about...

I could tell you what I am....an amazingly proud military wife, who has learned how to adjust schedules, and accept with an open heart, that change can open so many new and exciting doors.

I am a mother to two funny, smart, caring, and loving boys, who have taught me more about patience, and unconditional love in the few short years they've graced my life, than in the 20 some odd years before.

I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt.....I am a child of God, I try to be a good friend, and someone who sees my glass half full everyday....though on some occasions, I might fall short.

I could tell you about things I love....like my sons in the morning, with their crazy bed head, and sleepy smiles.  the moments before a nice Summer Thunderstorm, with the windows open, and the breeze carrying with it, the smell of the rain that's to come.  

My home full of Photographs, Decades of memories...and faces, and history

A pint of Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream, and convincing my husband that The Real Housewives of Orange County makes for good television.  

The way the grass feels under bare feet.  The First bite of a REALLY good meal.   Hugs,   A GREAT pair of shoes.  Old Farm Houses, Vintage Furniture, Porch Swings.....

But, what I really want to tell you, is what I want....

I want to LOVE those things that make me who I am, Continue to experience all those things that I LOVE, and I want to take beautiful Photographs of you...to create images that convey, who you are, and what you love....and will be able to fill your home with beautiful faces and memories.

I am....Your Photographer

oh, and by the way, on that freshman Philosophy assignment....I think I got a C