Mother And Son | Riverside NJ Family Session

I was so excited to have this mother/son duo as one of my first sessions in the new studio!  Mr. G. was absolutely the BESTEST!  He was so much fun, and as a mom of boys myself, I have to say I think I may be a tad partial to the special relationship boys have with their momma's!  This new studio space is SUCH a blessing to me, and I am so so very antsy to get working on all the beautiful sessions I've shot in it over the last two weeks! I can't wait for all that I have planned for the space, and I want to share it all with you!

Just a reminder, that my studio open house is coming up in just over a week!  Feb 22nd (SUN) from 1-5, at the studio!  731 Bridgeboro st, Riverside, NJ 08075!  Come and help celebrate the start of this fantastic new venture with me!!!