Introducing Keira | Riverside NJ Newborn Session

I was so excited to have this special family come and visit me at the studio a few weeks ago!  Last fall, when I saw them, they were a family of 5, and now, they are a beautiful family of 6!  Sweet Keira, was the best baby girl, who slept through a everything from songs singing, to literally her siblings playing an orchestra behind her.  It was amazing!  I love capturing the sweet moments with her and her older brothers and sister.  These four will grow up to be BEST friends!  I just know it!!

It was softer than a whisper
Quiet as the moon
But I could hear it loud as laughter
Across a crowded room
It was gentle as a baby's hand
But it held me like a chain
It was softer than a whisper
When love called out my name

~ Hal Ketchem