This is Us "Jonas" | South Jersey Photography

Starting this month, I will be sharing a little glimpse into my crazy world, along with some other amazing and talented photographers through our "This is Us" Blog Circle.  This is such a fantastic opportunity for me to take the time to document my own family's moments, as much as I document those special moments for others!  I find that so many times I forget, and then I realize I missed something special...well NO more I say! 

January brought with her our first significant snowstorm by the name of "Jonas".  The boys were SO excited the day after the storm to dust off their snow pants and boots and play in the winter wonderland that was their front yard.  My oldest reminded me  of  Ralphie's little brother Randy in "A Christmas Story" all bundled up.

Being a girl from a ski town in Colorado, playing in the snow was one of my favorite past times growing up, though I find my snowman/snow fort making skills have become quite rusty over the years. 

So in between trying to remember how to roll the perfect snow ball, and making snow angels, I whipped out my camera and captured some special moments with the boys! 

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