This is Us "Disney" | South Jersey Travel Photography

February, was an extra special for my family this year!  After a crazy fall season with work for me, where my sweet, understanding family was lucky if they saw me during dinner or over a bedtime story or two, and my other half being gone for the first 5 months of the year, some much needing bonding time as a family was in order!

We kept this little secret from the boys for a whole 6 months (not sure how we managed it, with my penchant for slipping up), and surprised them the morning of our flight, when they were fully thinking they were heading off to another day at school.  SURPRISE!

This was not our first Rodeo at DisneyWorld, but it was the first time, that I think the boys will really remember it all.  It was a Magical week (no pun intended) of togetherness, with no cell phones, no work, no FaceBook, no deployments, no school...just 7 days of enjoying each other.

I learned that my boys are thrill seekers, who rode (and loved) the rides that I won't even attempt to go on (Tower of Terror).  I was able to see my three guys bond together over their mutual love of all things StarWars.  I got to sing, and dance, and laugh with them, and I relished watching the wonder and amazement that they felt.  

It was such an amazing trip, and it allowed us to come back home recharged, and ready to get back to our everyday with a newly energized spirit.  I am so ready to see what March has in store for us, and I'm REALLY looking forward to Spring being right around the corner, and the warmer days she brings with her! 

Until next month!!!

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