This is Us "Celebrating the Big 8" | Personal Photography

  March is a special month for us.  Not only because it means the end to my least favorite season of the year, and the giddy anticipation of the warmth and life that spring brings with it, but it is also the month that my oldest hired me for the most important job I could ever have. Being his mama.  It literally blows my mind to think that we've blown candles on 8 different birthday cakes, had 8 different parties, celebrated countless milestones and moments...and yet, it feels like it was just last week that I was a nervous, new mom wondering what the heck I was going to do, as we pulled away from the hospital, and oh so knowledgable nurses, who had all the answers to all of my questions.   

    This sweet boy, with his crystal blue eyes, and thousand watt smile, has lived through 14 deployments with his dad, (soon to be 15)  has navigated the waters of having the orneriest of little brothers, with some of his sanity still intact.  He has grown leaps and bounds, and has conquered and been defeated (with our numerous trips to the ER for stitches and staples). I wonder if hospitals give out frequent customer discounts?

I am SO proud of him, for the boy he is, and the man I can already see glimpses of.  I'm excited for all the things he wants to accomplish and be...though I'm having second thoughts about his desire to be a professional "YouTuber".  We'll work on that 


My son, my son you're everything to me
My son, my son you're all I hoped you'd be
My son, my son my only pride and joy
God bless and keep you safe
My own, my precious boy

- Vera Lynn


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